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    Chris Anderson

    I’ve never built or rennovated or anything in my life, but I’ve always been fascinated by people who could. Where should I begin to learn. I’m open to volunteer work, and I’m curious about restoration and historical preservation societies. Does anyone know anything about Habitat for Humanity? Will they teach you when you work for them or do they expect you to have a working knowledge?


    Chris Anderson
    Kerrville, Texas

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    Bruce Miller

    Hi Chris:
    You don’t mention what, if any experience, you have had or what tools you have.

    Not sure about HFH….I’ve seen them on TV (TOH) but don’t know much else.

    My advice is start simple. Take on a small project and see it to completion. A dog house, bird feeder, picnic table, etc. I would get one of any of the popular how-to books (Time-Life, Readers Digest, etc) with the drawings and plans. Basic tools should include an electric drill, hand power saw, hammer, square, builder’s square (Stanley), level and a pair of sawhorses. A cordless screwdriver, random orbital sander, jigsaw and table saw are nice-to-haves that you will eventually need if you continue.

    But the main thing is that you’ve got to love doing this kind of stuff. You mention that you’ve always had a fascination with those who can build….that sounds good, as it suggests you have an underlying respect for the trade and a desire to do a good job yourself. If you would have said that you wanted to learn to build so you could save/make money, I would have suggested you not even try.

    Oh, and subscribe to any of the popular home improvement books that you see at the library, like Mechanix, Handyman, Home Projects, etc. I wouldn’t suggest Fine Homebuilding or the American Woodworker….they would be a bit advanced for you right now. Save them for later.

    Best wishes

    Bruce M

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    Rick Huitema

    Watch ‘Home Again’ or other *** **** shows….it gives you a great insight on the how to of home building/repair.

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    Elizabeth Connolly

    I, too, have wanted to learn about home
    renovation, and have found volunteering for
    Habitat for Humanity to be rewarding as well as
    instructional. I have been able to contribute to
    two different projects in the Bay area: one
    installing kitchen cabinets, the other installing
    siding to a house’s exterior. There is always
    either a professional or an experienced person to
    help you get your feet wet.
    Good luck!

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