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    Steven Haugh


    Many manufacturers blend HEPA filters into the home air purifiers. They use illusory marketing and branding strategies which are deleterious to our health and hygiene. For the past few months, I have been using HEPA filters in the HVAC system and I think it’s time to replace it. To be frank, I’m a victim of the HEPA air filter hype. The filters are designed to separate out harmful dust and dirt which might otherwise end up inside our homes and inhaled into our lungs. The HEPA filter is good at removing larger particulate matter. But it isn’t a complete solution that could address all indoor pollutants including VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds), viruses and bacteria.

    I have decided to install ULPA air filter which not only provides security, but offers the lowest total operating costs of any high efficiency air filter presently available. It consumes less energy when compared to HEPA filters. Guys, please recommend some manufacturers offering absolute best solutions for indoor air purification. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions.

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    Jeffrey Evans


    I have kept this HVAC equipment in my store for a while. The company who kept the equipment have done regular services in time. In last month it started to have some unfamiliar noice. As my store is close to a residential area, they started to complain about it. I called up the service company they fixed it and went and it again started to make that noise, so I called experts in it. They suggested me to switch the HVAC system to a new commercial HVAC system. Well, they told its because of the rusting inside the condenser and the overloading of the equipment. What do you people think is it that is the reason for the noise?. Should I change the unit?

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