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    Steven Daiker

    I am trying to repair a Sierra Ceiling fan that I purchased over 10 years ago and I cannot source the “Sierra” Fan company for parts. I think it is a Sierra because that is the only name on the side of the fan. Other numbers are KT-7000, E89543, Ser No. 704087. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The part broken is a rubber disc that goes over the output shaft and holds the 5 blades in place.

    Thanks, Steve

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    You should be looking into a new Fan Asm.They are cheaper to buy a new one then to track down parts for an outdated product.Only my opinion.Good luck

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    I have 2 fans with the id KT-9000 and E89543 on the labels. I’m not sure what make as it isn’t identified (serial number is not readable either). The rubber flywheel has broken and I am looking for a replacement. Steven, did you ever find info on yours as a Sierra fan?


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    Hey DO You Have Any Pictures Of The Ceiling Fan

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    i found out they went out of business a few yrs back. i need some replacement blades for my fan and cant find them

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