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    Robert H. Thompson

    I am an intermediate skill level woodworker/do it yourselfer
    and am wondering about what features to look for in a router
    Should my first router be a basic router or a plunge router.
    What bit sizes should it accept? What about other features.
    I plan on using it for creating new faces for my kitchen cabinents,
    mouldings, and I also have an interest in creating electric basses.
    If any one has any tips or comments please drop me an email.

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    John G

    I have two routers. One mounted in a router table that I find extremely handy for building furniture. And a second one that I use mainly for large edging projects or with a jig to make mortices for such things as hinges.
    I think you are better off sta

    ying with one of the smaller routers initially and gain some experience with the tool. Making raised panels with a router can be areal dangerous proposition and is probably best left to either the shaper or even the table saw. A plunge router maight be a

    nice compromise if you do a lot of morticing though.

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