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    Hi everyone,
    I was thinking of installing security cameras in the backyard. I am nearing my 50’s and I live with my daughter, who will be from home for the next two months. She is going to Paris to attend a training program related to her work, which is really important to her.
    She asked me to go along with her, but, I didn’t want to be a disturbance for her.
    There were some burglary attempts reported in the past few days. But nobody was harmed or nothing was from anybody’s house. Last night my daughter and I heard the same weird noise from our backyard. From then, my daughter is worried to leave me alone here. As a solution, she insisted on installing burglar alarm systems in our backyard. What do you recommend…?

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    Always lock the doors when you move out and don’t place car or bike keys close to windows. Your home security is in your hands , locksmith can only install and suggest the right systems but it’s up to you how you will make use of those security systems.

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