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    Jeff Linder

    I have sofas that were delivered, but won’t fit in through my front door or sliding glass door. I was able to get the sliding portion of the door off, but not the stationary part. Also, I have old, single-paned windows. I was able to get the sliding window out, but not the stationary part. I need to get these sofas in. Can ANYONE help??

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    normal construction will use an ell bracket at the header and sill to secure the door to the frame. the ell at the sill man be hidden under a filler strip in the track that the fixed door is in. another method is to secure the door with screws that are hidden behind the trim at the jamb end of the fixed door.

    hope this info is a help to you. BTW how BIG is that sofa?

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    So you are talking about a huge sofa here. If none of your option works that work, then you need to return or change the sofa you bought with one that will fit in the door way, but make sure that you get the size of the doorway first before getting another one. Unless you wanted the sofa cut in half so you can bring it in, but of course I am joking with that advise. My prior statement is the only solution. Next time, to avoid this the same kind of issue, your door must have widen a little bit and a sliding type of door really perfect so you wont have any problem to any stuff that would go in. By the way, in any case you have also ruin your door because of the massive furniture that you force to get in, try this site for a replacement or a replica of your current door that is made to order.

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    Thanks Richard for your helpful reply.

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