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    So very recently – about 2 days ago – while working on my yard outside I heard some major tapping inside my roof. I live in a townhouse attached to 4 other units. Today I heard it again while in my room and I know whatever they are, they are running the entire length of the block of 4 townhouses.

    I am right in the middle and don’t think that they are living in my section of the attic per se. My neighbor next to me also has heard it but doesn’t seem that concerned. I have read a lot of nasty things about these raccoons and I want to get rid of them. I am thinking to call a raccoon removal service from Hamilton but do you guys know about the charges for it?

    How would you approach asking your neighbors to chip in to fix it? especially if they know you’ll do it anyways without them paying? We recently got new neighbors that moved into the corner house and that’s where most of the activity is. They don’t seem overall friendly.


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