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    Terry Alexander

    I am finally taking the plunge and am going to purchase a new table saw. I have looked at everything from $175 to $3,000. I have set a limit of $500 for my saw. In all of my looking around, I have been impressed with the Ryobi table saw that runs approx $475. I am NOT impressed with other Ryobi products, but (on the display floor) the saw appears to be solid, tight and stable.

    Does anyone have any comments on the Ryobi or is there another saw that I should look at in my price range. Would appreciate any AND ALL comments as this is a pretty good chunk of change I am about to spend.

    If you do suggest another saw/brand, please direct me where I can see/purchase the saw.

    Thank a lot gang

    Terry Alexander
    E-Mail: terrya@gte.net

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    Mark Crescitelli

    Hi Terry,

    Purchasing a tablesaw is probably the primary choice when setting up a woodworking shop. The tablesaw is so versatile, it would take volumes to list its capabilities. The Ryobi is a fine choice for an entry level machine, however I have a preference for a unit which is somewhat more substantial, such as the Craftsman contractor series tablesaws. For about the same investment, you will get a solid cast iron table
    (vs. aluminum), a well made trunion ( the heart of the saw) and a belt driven motor/blade assembly. Of course, the higher your initial investment, the better the machine, but a well tuned basic 10″ blade floor model contractors tablesaw will provide you with endless woodworking projects. On last reminder about safety…if you are new to using a table saw, or a veteran cutter, always familarize yourself with the particular unit you buy before “feeding the beast”.

    Enjoy !


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    Paul C

    I think you may be on the right track with the
    Ryobi Table Saw. I do not have one but have heard
    great reports from friends that do. You should look
    at the product reviews on table saws in Wood and or
    Workbench mags. A wealth of information is there
    for you. Look hard at some of the mailorder saws
    (ie: JET) good quality product, upgraded fence, and
    a good price.

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    Fred Bock

    I bought a basic 10″ saw about a year ago. It works well enough, but since then I have figured out, “you can’t have too big of a bed”. Trying to keep work exactly level and square is a challange. If I am not careful, I end up with cuts that look like the lines on the modern highway (kind of weaves around a little). You didn;t mention, but have you considered a radial arm saw, which is not quite as good on the rip but close if you extent the work surface, but a lot better on the crosscut.

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