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    I and my family live in a small house in Toronto. We bought this house 12 years back. Now, we are planning to renovate the whole house. As an initial step, we are thinking of renovating the kitchen. The remaining work, we are planning to schedule according to our financial status. Our kitchen is too small that, there is not enough space to store things. Since it’s old, there is a problem with lighting and insulation. So the entire kitchen needs to be renovated starting from the floor.
    I believe it will be good to give the work to renovation services, that are skilled and experienced in this field. The kitchen needs to be redesigned depending on our requirements. Budget is another important factor. So it’s necessary to find a team, that does the whole process creatively with affordable cost. I got a list of such services from Google. But I’m not sure which one I should choose. Does anyone here already done the kitchen renovation? Please share details of the services if they are good in their niche.
    Thank You!”

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