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    I am this guy who collects old electronics and appliances and try to build or repair those and reuse them. My basement is my workshop. For a living, I write freelance.
    Now that I got a good opportunity in London, I moving from my house. I won’t be able to work with those items too. As the appliances are not in a steady state, I would like to dispose off them in a manner that wouldn’t affect the environment. On my search I came across few articles by the dumpster rental that specifies few points to look for in disposal. I will go through those here,
    With the article – How to effectively manage E-Waste.- they specify the 3 R’s principle. But that was something I was doing right. But now I need to give away or get these things disposed off.
    Should I go forth with the appliance junk removal service or is there chances I could sell the items that are working, though they are all in a nasty looking, with not all the parts available.

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