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    Annie Alex

    Hi all,

    I’m in urgent need for some hydraulic lifts in my work site. I’m an Ontario based engineer and I’m now currently working on a bridge building project. One of my friend who was working along with me for quite a long time told me about a lift table manufacturers offering good quality hydraulic lifts.

    But I don’t know much more about them? So that, I would like to know your opinions as well. Have you ever heard about this company? Are they good? Any idea about approximate charges? Are they providing any warranty for their products?

    Please do respond. Thanks in advance.

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    I was scared of heights since I was kids and when anybody does any act on heights, I stood in awe of it. I always admired the high rise window cleaners and the height at which they work. This was something I could never think of. I know the rope and equipment is fault proof. I tried to use the rope when I entered the facility with a friend but failed miserably.
    I once saw some fall protection systems being checked In Ontario. They had the most modern technology and machiners. My question is what are the factors they take into consideration? How much effective is the protection system?

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