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    I came home to find the master bathroom floor and half of the master bedroom carpet totally soaked. The closet, which is adjacent to the tub/shower, was also soaked. I thought a burst pipe but the plumber couldn’t find any leaks. He checked the toilet, sink, went under the house (no leaks, no wet spots on sub floor), and went in attic to check the roof and look between the shower walls. He also noticed that when he turned back on the water main, the meter didn’t move, showing there wasn’t a leak. There’s no black water or smell. the only weird thing is a white chalky substance in the sink and on the tile floor of the bath. Any clues? I appreciate any help!!

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    ask around, the neighbors if anyone saw anybody in the area with jetting equipment.
    also are you alone in this house or somebody flooded out and not shining up to it?

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    If there was residue inside the tub and basin then you had a “sewer” backup.

    Now I don’t know if any of your gutters or sump pump go into the sanitary sewer or not. Or your neighbors.

    And the city might have been working on the sewers and flushed them. Or the fire department flushed the lines and there was a partial blockage.

    Might want to ask the neighbors if they had any problems or saw any work.

    Likewise the city.

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    Why don’t they have taken help from north charleston slab leak detection company, they also deal problems with bathroom leaks also.

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