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    My husband and I are moving to Mississauga, with our two lovely daughters. We are currently in Toronto. We have decided to move out at the end of next month. We have found a wonderful place in Mississauga. The place is nice, the people are nice. Everybody is excited to move there, especially my daughters.
    Before moving out we are planning to hire a move out cleaning service in Toronto to clean our apartment here in Toronto. We have started to box our stuff. We have been labelling the boxes too. Since we are a family of four, the moving is not going to be easy. We are going to have a lot of stuff than we expected. So we are getting suggestions regarding our move. We are getting suggestion like:
    – To move in bit by bit.
    – Hire a self-storage space in Mississauga and store some of our stuff.
    – And obviously, to hire a moving service(but seems costly).
    What would you people suggest?
    Please feel free to express yourself.

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    good one

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