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    Our Modular home was put on the walk out basement in July of 2005 and it didn’t sit flush, all sides were ok except for the south end the house hung over the basement wall by about 3 or 4 inches. Since then we have tried sealing the gaps with foam and wood but no matter what we do we obviously don’t get it sealed as we have an abundance of Mice that we see running on the ledge (top of basement wall) and we kill 50-100 crickets a day down there from late July till it gets too cold for them. The SW part of the house does not hang over but there is a gap that the crickets mainly come in even with the canned foam. We had a 15% deposit with the general contractor that he was holding until the basement company finished the door and windows and despite dozens of calls and multiple promises to finish they never did and the contracter released the money back to us after a year so they are obviously no help. The Modular company said the problem is the basement isn’t square. Any ideas on what I could use to get this basement sealed up? anything mice can’t chew threw? don’t want to finish it until this problem is fixed.

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