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    I’m just working on my bathroom remodelling (Lol, not on a big scale but I’m doing on my own!).
    I have leftover tile, a few glass blocks from my sister’s home renovation. So I thought of just replacing our faded bathroom tile, later into improving the entire area. I have already removed the wall tiles and refurbished almost three sides. I’ve done a bit of research for my DIY bathroom remodelling and randomly got an interest in these modern frameless shower installation! I’ve found a few companies providing sound service over optimal cost! Unfortunately, currently I have no fund for a professional bathroom remodelling, yet I can afford it if I’m getting a modern frameless shower kit at a minimal price so that I can install it! I have already got quotes from five companies and I got impressed with a few. Now I want to know about the labour cost as I’m a bit afraid to work on a new kit. If the labour cost is economical then can hire labour to help me out!
    The labour shouldn’t have to bother about anything else except the installation process, this is small work and I hope this will only take a few hours!
    I only need the labour, can anyone let me know how much this will cost?
    I have seen some DIY videos of installing shower door kit if anyone has tried it please let me know how easy was the task.
    Any advice, preferably, encouragements will be hugely appreciated.

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    James Watson

    thanks for posting.. really good

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      Good to hear James.

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