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    Hi guys, My husband and I were thinking of renovating the kitchen. And we were also thinking of changing some kitchen appliances like dishwasher and trash compactor. We don’t have any idea about what to do about the old one. Our local garbage collection said that they don’t accept these as bulk items. They are actually very heavy and dirty too. So, carrying them is not an option. I don’t think dumping them into a landfill is a wise choice as they are dangerous and hazardous machines. Our kitchen renovation team suggested us to hire a commercial junk removal service. They said that would be a great choice, that we can also dispose off the renovation waste too. So, my wife and I were thinking that it is a good idea. Had anyone gone through the same situation? If so, please share your experience and suggestion here.

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    Deko Rum

    Hello Judyl,
    Hope you are doing well. If you are thinking kitchen, bathroom and window installation or maintenance services. You can contact Dekorum professional. We are providing all home renovation services in Toronto and all GTA area.

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    Don Hammer

    We are offering siding, gutter, and eavestrough installation services in Toronto, On. We also do renovation work. Contact us if you want to siding or gutter related work.

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    That’s a good service for removal of junk

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    After a long discussion and consulting we decided to renovate our restaurant kitchen as it was taking its toll. It creates a lot of smoke they were some leaks in the kitchen as well. It was having a stinky smell and all sorts of trouble. So we decided to get an expert who very much experience in this field. They give us the design and tell us, It’s difficult to run the restaurant in the same area. So we decided to lease the restaurant equipments for the meantime. We almost got all the equipments at reasonable rates. We removed all the kitchen stuff. It was so horrible. The amount of waste and stains it was very had to clean. I want some advice on how we can clean the dry stains? What we will do to remove rust stains on the floor? what is the best cleaning product that can be used?

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