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    Hey folks,
    Do you remember, in my last post I shared my enthusiasm and plans of building an outdoor shed using shipping storage containers?
    Well, the project was a success. Last day my mom visited our home and she absolutely fell in love with the concept of container designs.
    Now she wants storage containers shed in her backyard. She lives in Calgary.
    I bought brand new containers, while she is planning to buy used ones. We went to Secure Container solutions and shortlisted a few. We will be buying one soon, probably in the coming month. Yesterday when I came back, I just googled about, using second-hand containers for building homes. A lot of articles addresses the risks of pesticides used in the plywood floors! I don’t want to risk my mom and her pets. Is that the case?
    I had an elaborated online reading after this, and I read that we can remove the floors to overcome the pesticide risks, also can use steel floors instead of wooden! Actually, it brought, my peace of mind back to me! But still, I’m confused. If used containers usage is of risk, then I will make my mom buy brand new containers (Though it might let her into a small financial burden).
    If any of you have used second-hand containers to build home and you are still ok within it, please ping me here.
    I would like to have quick replies!
    Solid and genuine encouragements are highly appreciated!

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