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    Hey, we have a storage shed in our backyard made of a single shipping container. We were using it to dump our unused belongings!
    I’m a stay at home mom and now planning to start a tutoring centre. I’m planning to teach maths for students up to grade 8.
    I can’t predict the success of my new adventure, so initially, I will be teaching the students at our shed. Before that, I have to convert the shed into a classroom. My husband has already done wooden flooring. We set tiny plants’ garden on the roof.
    The shed is of a single container, so to add more space we are planning to have one more container.
    I found a lot of sites offering containers for sale at an optimal price. My hubby selected a few companies based on customer reviews and testimonials.
    The thing is we are not sure whether it is possible to add one more container to an existing home/shed! Is there any safety issues? I wanted to have an online reading to find out this, unfortunately, I’m running out of time this week. That is why I’m here today, guys could you please help me with this?
    My question is-Is it safe to add more containers to an existing container home/shed?

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