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    We bought a property in Massachusetts, an old home. We have almost completed our house renovation. My younger sister wants a pool there. But the backyard is of limited space to include a pool. I’m not sure about constructing a pool within that small space. We’ve consulted a company for gunite pool installation, they provided the details about the setup cost and duration. We haven’t had a pool in any of our previous houses, quite confused about picking up the best quality company to build a pool. So I decided to ask the pool owners here, so it would be easier for me to choose an agency. And also we are confused about our yard size, it is of the size 20×32 feet, so can we have a pool with a depth of at least 5 ½ feet?
    I’d be happier if I can get more information and your experiences regarding this. Also is this possible, to construct a pool within this mentioned sized space??
    Share your suggestions and ideas in the comments. Thank you.”

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