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    Ronald Adams

    Can someone help me to find a moving company from Vancouver to Toronto?
    3 years ago I moved from Toronto to Vancouver and I was more concern about the cost than the service and I was really disappointed with the company that I hired so I am in search of a new moving company.
    We made the mistake of using them. Sure they are cheap and they may be the way to go if you don’t care about your time, furniture and belongings, or your walls. They came super late, put scratches and dents all over our walls and ceilings and got basically all of our furniture dirty and stained and after all that, they wanted to charge us extra.
    But my wife is thinking to rent a truck separately and load all my stuff in the truck manually with the help of a crew for loading/unloading from my house. From which one will I be benefitted the most. Which one will cost me less?
    I would prefer a long distance shipping company to do my job. what’s your say on this?

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