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    Yesterday I decided to change the time on our thermostat since we changed times. I hadn’t even done it before, and now it runs non-stop. When I have tried to diagnose the problem (thinking maybe I programmed it), I don’t see where it is programmed at all; however, no matter if it is on air or heat, it continues to run heat (it was cold last night). Any idea what I might need to do? Could the thermostat be faulty for some reason? Or, maybe there is a wiring problem with the outside unit? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would be interested as well since I have this thermostat. Anyone?

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    Felix DeLeon

    I am movinf to a new place that has air condition and I can’t find my manual to hook it up for air. Where I am now there is no air so I need to know how to connect the wireing for air when I move. Hope ypu can help.

    Thank you

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    We’ve had this thermostat in our townhouse for years. There is a little reset hole to the left of the digital read out. You can put a paper clip in this small hole and it will set the thermostat to 68 degrees for the winter and 78 for the summer for morning, afternoon, evening and night on all seven days. Also this thermostat has a very desirable feature. It has the common A/C, and heat settings, which all thermostats do. But above these two settings there is an auto setting. Put it on Auto. The fan switch should of course be on auto two. Therefore both switches should be set to auto. If you thermostat is set for 68 degrees for heat and 78 degrees for A/C then it’ll automatically goto heat if it goes below 68 degrees. If it gets warm out it’ll automatically switch to A/C if it goes above 78 degrees. You don’t have to move the switch to the A/C and heat settings for different seasons. Just leave it on auto.

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    link to download manuals for 44402 models

    you can also go to, scroll to the bottom click on “support”, then on the left hand side, click on “product documentation”. Find your thermostat model number and a PDF doc can be printed here. good luck y’all, took me forever to find this.

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    Hi, Beth since you have the same model I have Hunter 44402 Hunter Thermostat could you tell me how where the battery compartment is on it? Would really appreciate it.

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