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    Hi,I would like to share some tips on how to remove bathroom rings. Bathroom rings might have occurred because of frequent use of scented oils. If they are not removed frequently, then they attract dust. Hard water can also deposit mineral deposits on your tub. Its pretty easy to remove them. You can make your own eco-friendly cleaner rather than getting it from the market.Baking soda and vinegar are effective way to remove stains. If it is a very rough stair try rubbing it with a pumice stone after soaking it in required cleaner. If it is a fibre or acrylic bathtub then the process is different. Refer the blog The most best way is
    try preventing the formation of bathtub rings. For that make sure you wash your bathtub each time after use. Rinsing even with plain water every day can prevent the formation of bathtub rings.

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