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    Hi guys,
    This summer, I noticed that the air conditioner is not working properly. The AC was not coming in strongly into the master bedroom, and one of the kid’s room but cooled the rest of the house fine. We have regular maintenance of the HVAC, and had it maintained 3 months ago! We did tell the technician about the two bedrooms, not being cooled down as the rest of the house. They told that the freon levels were low and it was most likely due to the age of the HVACs. Well, the HVACs have been here for 15 years. The technician told us that the freon levels should be rechecked in a few months to see if the AC worked better in the two bedrooms. It didn’t, they said, they couldn’t do anything more without making it a big job. I don’t trust them anymore. I am looking for residential HVAC services in Mississauga. I have searched for few and also requested quotes from a few. They haven’t responded yet. Do you guys know of HVAC service companies who have lived up to your expectations? If you know of any, please do provide some suggestions. Thank you.

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