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    Gloria Lopez

    Our old house has a beautiful lawn. But I was not able to maintain it. After some months, the lawn was covered with weeds. I called up lawn maintenance services from Mississauga and sought their help. I enquired the reasons for weeds growth. The first reason was lack of maintenance.
    If we are not spraying the weed chemicals in the right way, then weed growth increases. If the weeds have an extensive root system, it allows the weed to regrow from the root systems that cannot be controlled. Wind blowing carries weed seed to spread in our lawn. Birds are another source of weed carrier. Other seeds have small barbs that may get tangled in animal fur and will drop into your lawn when the animal scratches itself. Seeds can remain viable for many years. There are yet another reasons for weed growth. But these are the main reasons. How can I stop the growth of weeds in our new lawn?

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