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    I have a 12 year old garage door opener (chain drive with springs over the door opening – double garage door), but the springs were replaced a few years ago. My problem is that the garage door opener opens the door properly, but then the door slips back down about 6-8 inches after the motor stops, leaving the door down too far where it hits the car’s roof rack as I pull in or out of the garage. There is a +/- adjustment on the opener, and I tried adjusting it, but no obvious results. Any suggestions?

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    I’m thinking two possibilities, your opener is a geared electric motor to drive the chain(or pull)it may be worn, causing it to slip after it gets to the end of travel. The other involves an adjustment to the springs to see if the door is balanced. Pull the release cord on the opener and open the door about half-way and the door is suppose to kind of stay there if the springs are adjusted properly. I recently put in a screw drive opener replacing a chain type. The (bushings)bearings on the old motor wore out allowing the main shaft to travel vertically. I had to tighten my springs to take some of the weight off the door so that an opener would be better to do it’s job. Hope this helps.

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