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    Is there any way that I can save this door frame? It seems that there was a termite invasion; but I am not sure. I would like to get a feel about the extent/scope of this repair work. Can it be done by D.I.Y.? Or will I have to hire a professional and what can that cost??

    I will try to embed below 3 photos.

    I thank you so very much for any information you can help me with. Chris


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    termites but good old wood rot due to the roof sloping towards the door instead of away. After several years of soaking in water the wood just falls apart. The swollen puffy look is typical of water damage.

    It looks like an upper balcony door? If so the roofing is sloped wrong pooling water at the door frame. That should be corrected. The door should never be sitting in water.

    Repairs should start with the roof repairs. If the rest of the door is solid and useable yet then taking a saw to the door frame beyond the rot would work. Just cut the frame off two or three feet up where the wood is solid and rebuild the frame with new wood. Or you could accomplish the same thing by buying a whole new prehung door and have the job done in an hour. I’ve seen damaged doors at the home centers where you could buy the entire door and frame for $15. Use the damaged door for a workbench or something and use the frame to replace yours.

    No matter what you do, if you don’t fix the water pooling problem the door will rot out again very soon.

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    These termites are the biggest problem in every house decorated with wood furniture.

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    The wood getting damage, it might be because of termites as they get easily attracted towards the wood. Termites are harmful insects that can damage the structure of the wooden furniture, doors, and windows. The damage which cause of termite infestation is not visible because they attack from the inside. So, the best way to kill the termites is by hiring any professional termite exterminator NYC team, who have better methods to kill the termites in your house quickly.

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