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    I have a pedestal dining table with a leaf that folds in half and drops inside under the table top. There are teeth and a gear on each side of the table that allow the top to open and close. The table won’t close all the way (with or without the leaf in place) and appears to be catching on one of the gears. We loosened and tightened the teeth and gears; we moved the gear to a different tooth — still doesn’t work.

    Any ideas?

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    or knife into the track or a screw dropping into them.

    Find some big healthy people to tilt the table back and forth and see if something moves around inside. If there is, then it’s only a matter of getting the object to go somewhere where you can grab it and pull it out. If you get the table to work again then rubbing a candle on the rails and slides will help lubricate them.

    It’s also possible the rails might have loose screws or have split somewhere, but that is less likely. There are a lot of things that can jam the table but usually careful poking and moving things around will reveal the problem so it can be fixed.

    Good luck with the repairs.

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    After long hours of browsing through catalogues just to find a well-priced dining room furniture, I’ve finally found one. They were sort of a spur of the moment purchase and I didn’t quantify them before I got them. Luckily, it was an ideal fit for the room. The next thing I gotta do is embellish around them.

    I had a piece I was using a sideboard, but most of it does not ideally fit into the surroundings. Also, I have these sconces on the wall. So, do I need to have some sort of piece there so the sconces can flank on to something? Or can I just hang a picture and call it a day? Some insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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