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    Hi all,
    I am web developer by profession and I am always in search of innovative ideas. I was born in Mississauga and both of my parents were architects. I believe my passion towards ‘Different’ things come from them. Our house was designed and built by them and it was a small castle which had tubes between rooms and we had to slide through the tubes to go from one room to another. It was fun and all of our friends wanted to hang out at our place. This house is always my inspiration. Even when I am getting a small thing I want it to be different.
    Recently I started thinking about getting a pool. As I said earlier innovation was important. So I was researching on the internet I found this.Making pools in storage containers is really different and I have decided to do it. I found a company to do it for me but they asked me to buy a storage container for this. And now I am searching for one. I have seen a few ads about shipping container sales in Toronto and this company seems legit. I don’t know much more about them and I believe that you can help me out. So please comment your opinions about this company and their services.

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