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    I find it disgusting to clean gutters of my house. I usually use blowers or power washers to get them cleaned. There was a time when my gutters get clogged very frequently. After every 3 months I had to clean them. It was mainly because my gutters needed a repair. I contacted a firm, they said I need to replace it completely. I thought it was not a wise decision to jump into a conclusion. I decided to consult a different firm, Landmark home solution in Toronto ( ). They analysed the gutters and downspout and suggested some repair and said there was no need for a complete replacement. I got them repaired and its been one year since then. Now I just have to clean them once every 6 months and they don’t get clogged as they did before.

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    I’m glad that you found a solution to your problem. I also hate cleaning gutters and actually had the same issue you were facing and consulted with a contractor.

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    Thanks for this post.

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