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    We are thinking of renovating the bathroom of our condo. We bought is 2 years back from a Toronto condo market. We were thinking of changing the tiles as we made mistake while choosing the tiles last time. I think, when it comes to designing a bathroom, the color and the type of tile also plays a vital role. These are a few tips I found online which you should keep in mind before choosing the color for your bathroom:
    i) Mixing of 2 bright colors: It can make a bathroom look more energetic and invigorating. Also, try to add a light shade along with it for a calm feel.
    ii) Go fresh with organic colors: Nature’s color creates a refreshing ambiance for the bathroom. It also gives a natural vibe and freshness.
    iii) Fun mixing of dark colors: Try choosing some vibrant colors with a part of neutral shade as a base. Along with that, select the bath and showers accessories color to match the appearance.
    iv) Mix it up with your home color: Try choosing the color of your bathroom to suit the bedroom appeal.
    When you have good and creative ideas, any room is elegant in its own way. Hope you all find it useful.

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    I am a new member to this forum. I am also planning to renovate the bathroom. Your tips were really informative. Thank you for providing this piece of information.

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    Thanks for sharing such innovative tips over here. It will surely gonna help everyone those who are looking out for the Bathroom renovation ideas. Well, last year my bathroom, bathtub got worn out and was looking so shabby, so one of my friends who is done with the interior decoration course suggested me to visit the website of Artistic Refinishing and get some help from them for refinishing the bathtub.

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    Hi, I am relatively new to this site.
    Just bought a 21-year-old house, and in the home inspection report, it was informed that the main bathroom tub and shower had water damage within the tiled wall surrounding the tub. So how much should I budget for a new standard tub and the rip down and replacement of the surrounding tile wall? Will it cost me more?
    Also, I wanted to install a new faucet/shower head. Just need an idea of how much this should cost to be completed properly, so I won’t have another water damage issue in a few years.
    Also, if you know of anyone who can install the above Bathroom Appliances in the Calgary area, that would be great!
    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Great tips.

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    Good tips. Thank you for your information.

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