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    Hi, I’m new to this forum in the sense posting. I have a few items to remove from my new home, as we bought brand new alternatives.
    I’ve got quotes from a few companies including an easy junk removal service (nearby our home, that is why give them a priority!). I’m looking to have a general and exact idea of how much to spend. But these companies are providing an estimated cost for removing the junks(waste or non-usable things). Technically my stuff(which I wanted to remove)are not junks, those are a few items of furniture which are no longer in use. I’m running out of time to bring them to the donation centre.
    When I mention this to the chosen company, they said they need an appointment to visit my home and to declare the cost, which I can’t! I need a one sitting service because I have no time!
    Any insight guys???

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    Even if it is movers, trucks at a reasonable price, I’m ok with it!I’ve got a quote from an easy junk removal near me. I’m planning to head with them, do you have any suggestion?
    Many thanks for reading and possibly respond!

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