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    Hello all,
    Sorry if I don’t fit in here. I was hoping to get some answers to my storage problem.
    I am a researcher and I work alone. Our company/office is not something big. I am now in a struggling stage. Again sorry that I cannot disclose research work completely. But in general, I research in robotics. So, there are lots of stuff piling up in my office as part of my research. Is there anyone here who work in the same field?
    I was hoping to store the extra or unused stuff in self storage in Toronto. But, I am worried if it would be okay to keep my documents in there. It is my life’s work. These units are wind and rodent-proof. Also, it is watertight. Will these features be enough? The benefit of this unit is that I can keep them near my office. So, I don’t have to travel to some other far places to collect my own properties. But, still, I want my stuff to be safe too.
    So, any thoughts on these people? Please don’t ignore.

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