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    Though your business happens inside the building, it is also important to make the exterior look beautiful. The outdoor space will likely leave a lasting impression on everyone, especially the clients. You can start with the parking lot. To make your parking lot stand out from the surrounding properties, you can incorporate greenery and other natural elements into the design.
    Here are a few tips for landscaping your parking lot:
    1. Plant trees where possible
    2. Use shrubs instead of fences to ensure that your lot is in compliance with city ordinances.
    3. Use flowers-beds to fill free space in the corner of a lot
    4. Choose resilient plants as they can withstand the soot and gas fumes with little care.
    5. Space the tree-planting strips at a minimum of five-feet to give the roots adequate space to spread without heaving the paved areas.
    6. Plan for easy maintenance. Prepare a maintenance schedule to keep the parking lot at its best.
    Though these steps may seem simple to achieve, can be difficult if you don’t have a working plan. But a professional landscaping service can help you to come up with the best plan that works for you. They’ll make sure that the aesthetics of the fences or barriers match your landscaping.

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