EnergyGuide Label

The EnergyGuide label gives you two important pieces of information you can use for comparison of different brands and models when shopping for a new refrigerator: estimated energy consumption on a scale showing a range for similar models; estimated yearly operating cost based on the national average cost of electricity.
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Applying Caulk

Applying caulk can get messy. Here's how to ensure a smooth, clean finished appearance:
- Choose the right caulk for your project. Do you need interior, exterior, mildew-resistant, paintable or tinted caulk?
- Cut the tip of the caulk tube at an angle. Cut the tip so that the bead of caulk will not be wider than 1/4 inch.
- For best results, before starting your project, use a scrap piece of paper to practice so you can get used to the caulk’s application rate.
- Finish off by smoothing the caulk with a slightly wet finger, damp rag, or slightly wet caulking tool; this will ensure the nicest finished appearance.
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Grass Seeding

Always buy "certified seed". This is identified by a blue tag saying certified. By spending a few extra cents up front, you will save many hundreds of dollars along with the added aggravation of controlling unwanted weeds later. Choose the right grass seed, sod or sprigs for your situation.
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Door Seals

Make sure your refrigerator door seals are air tight. Test them by closing the door over a dollar bill. If you can pull the bill out easilly, the latch may need to be adjusted or the seal may need to be replaced.
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Ceiling Fan Heating

During winter, a ceiling fan can move heat trapped near the ceiling back into the living area. This is especially valuable in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings. Remember to run your ceiling fan counter-clockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.
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Installing Locks

When installing a new or replacement lock, be sure the keyway is positioned so that the cuts of the key will be inserted upward. This will reduce the chance of dirt, dust, and water (which can turn to ice in cold weather) settling in the lock mechanism creating a lockout or stiff operation of the cylinder.
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Contractor Payments

When working with a contractor, don't make final payment or sign an affidavit of final release until you are satisfied with the work and know that subcontractors and suppliers have been paid. State lien laws may allow unpaid subcontractors and/or unpaid suppliers to attach your home.
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Painting Doors

For paneled doors, remove all hardware or cover it with masking tape. (If some paint inadvertently gets on metal parts, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth.) Paint the panels, working from top to bottom. For each panel, paint the molding first followed by the interior. Finally, paint the rest of the doorl finishing with the outer edges. If the door swings out, paint the hinged edge; if the door swings in, paint the lockside edge.
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