Garage Doors and Hurricanes

In high winds, double garage doors can pull out of their tracks or collapse from wind pressure. If garage doors fail, high winds can enter your home and blow out doors, windows, walls, and even the roof. Make sure your garage doors are reinforced at their weakest points; in most cases, this step involves installing horizontal bracing on each panel. If you're building a new garage or installing a new door, use heavier-than-standard hinges and stronger center supports than standard.
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Reinforce or Replace

Approximately 80% of residential hurricane damage starts with wind entry through garage doors. Ideally, garage doors should be equipped with steel bracing.

Be sure to follow manufacturer's specifications when using or installing wind resistant and impact resistant products. Improper installation may cause a voided warranty or worse, a product failure that presents a threat to life and property.
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Vulnerable Garage Door

Garage doors are the most vulnerable to hurricane force winds for two reasons, first the relatively long span of opening that they cover, and second, the weak materials they are built with.

Many garage doors are constructed of lightweight materials to conserve weight and expense. Although their lighter weight makes them easier to raise and lower, it also makes them less resistant to the wind and impact forces of a hurricane.
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