Hanging Squares

To store a carpenter's square, nail either a 13-in. or 22-in. length of tongue-and-groove flooring to your shop wall, groove side up. Then, to hang your square, just drop one leg of the square into the groove of the flooring piece. The length depends on which leg you want to be horizontal.
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Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed wood floors give new life to old timbers. Made from lumber recycled from demolished buildings, heartpine, oak, and other woods are resawn into premium grade flooring. Variable widths maximize the yield from the wood and can be used to create a variety of patterns. Wide boards show off the grain and give an historic look to a new floor.
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Repairing Floorboards

Here's a way to save time and energy when repairing floorboards. Instead of drilling and chiseling damaged floorboards, use a plunge router. First, use a magnetic nail finder to be sure there are no nails in the way. Set scribe lines across the damaged pieces. Then, run the router across the boards for a quick, clean cut.
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Touting Tung Oil

Most dedicated wood lovers insist that the best finish for a wood floor is a floor-formulated tung oil. Derived from the nut of the tung tree, tung oil penetrates the wood and bonds with the surface fibers. More giving than a synthetic finish, a tung-oiled floor will evolve with wear rather than cracking or chipping. Originally developed as as ship sealant, tung oil naturally provides excellent protection from spills, water, traffic, and dirt. Cleanup is simple, with a little clear vinegar in water or an oil soap mixed with water.
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