Avoiding Flood Damage And Protecting Your Property

Avoiding Flood Damage and Protecting Your Property

Flood protection can involve a variety of changes to your house and property–changes that can vary in complexity and cost. You may be able to make some types of changes yourself. But complicated or large-scale changes and those that affect the structure of your house or its electrical wiring and plumbing should be carried out only by a professional contractor licensed to work in your state, county, or city.
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Sealing Air And Moisture Leaks

Sealing Air and Moisture Leaks

Air leaks between your home's interior and the outdoors can be a constant drain of energy and money. The air leakage in a typical U.S. home is equal to leaving a window wide open. To stop these air leaks, all doors and windows should be weatherstripped; all seams, cracks and openings to the outside should be caulked or sealed.
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Picking Caulks And Sealants

Picking Caulks and Sealants

Caulks and sealants are your home's best defense against the elements. They are intended to seal gaps around the exterior of your home to keep out moisture, which can cause rot and structural damage, and air, which can deplete heating and cooling energy.
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