Winterizing A Vacant Home

Winterizing a Vacant Home

Whether you are shoring up a shore house for the winter, battening down the hatches at your summer cabin, or simply planning to leave your home for an extended period this winter, there are a few must-do steps to take…

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Gearing Up For Cold Weather Ahead

Gearing Up for Cold Weather Ahead

There are very few places in the U.S. that weren't hit hard last winter. Even the generally calm, suburban Philadelphia neighborhood where I lived was plagued with multiple ice storms that down many power lines and rendered the roads impassable.…

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Beware The Winter Moth Caterpillar

Beware the Winter Moth Caterpillar

While the folks of Massachusetts and other areas of New England heartily welcome the spring season after a relentless winter, they are finding a very unwelcome problem emerging from the brutal snow: serious damage to trees and plants from the…

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