Carbon Wall Repair’s affordable, easy to install solution is the most effective way to repair basement wall cracks and prevent further bowing of concrete basement walls.

The rigid strength of carbon fiber has been employed for years to strengthen con- crete bridges, high rise construction, multilevel parking structures, foundations – anywhere extreme strength is needed. For the last 13 years it has only been avail- able on a commercial basis for repairing bowed and cracked basement walls.

We now offer this very same carbon fiber technology in a specifically designed system for the homeowner providing a complete do-it-yourself basement wall repair kit that is easily affordable. Installing our carbon fiber fabric is so simple to do that it is the perfect solution for the Do-It- Yourselfer. Our Carbon Wall Repair DIY Kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily repair a crack in your own basement wall or stop further bowing of that wall.

Proven Superior
Carbon fiber technology is so superior that other methods of basement wall re- pair no longer make sense. Studies conducted over the last 20 years confirm that carbon fiber is a strong, durable and safe product. Carbon fiber does not rust nor is it susceptible to alkali deterioration. Once carbon fiber is encapsulated in an epoxy matrix its strength is locked in. It will not stretch, creep or bend over time. More- over, as it is bonded to the concrete, and because the carbon fibers will not stretch, the concrete cannot move.

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair: See how easy it is to do it yourself with our kit.


This is a real live demonstration by a homeowner — not a trained professional installer.


No mixing. No measuring. No fuss.

Order your kit today and repair that cracked basement wall yourself. Step-by-step illustrated instructions are included.
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