Don’t Dump That Christmas Tree!

Getting ready to throw out the tree? Read this first!

According to the EPA, millions of Christmas trees get thrown out or illegally dumped every year. Don’t be a contributor!

Instead, check out their webpage on alternative Christmas tree disposal methods that are better for the environment.

Jacksonville, Fl, for example, has set up a Christmas tree pickup service.

Earth 911 has put together a national directory to help you locate the nearest Christmas tree composting program. Pop in your zip code and browse the list for a good drop-off spot.

The EPA is also directing folks to the National Christmas Tree Association website for tips on how to re-use the Christmas tree around the house. Mulch, potpourri, bird feeders–these are a few of the ways you can find a use for your Christmas tree.

How hard would you work to “green-ly” toss your tree?

Credit: EPA website