Too Strong a Commitment to Green Building?

Those vying for the greenest home award will face stiff competition from Frances Whitehead and James Elniski. The two, whose home was recently profiled in the New York Times, spent $40,000 last year to buy and install wind turbines for their Chicago apartment. Given that the turbines save the couple about $500 a year, the technology should pay for itself after 80 years of use. Ouch. The couple insists costs are not the objective, rather they prefer to live in a sustainable manner and have constructed their home to fit the ideal despite cost. Regardless of long-term cost-saving, their home is a marvel of green design. It features photovoltaic and thermal panels, radiant heating, geothermal desuperheaters, dual-flush toilets, a low-flow showerhead and lots of other energy-generating and saving devices. It’s also beautiful. Check out the pictures.

Credit: New York Times article