Super Fabric

I’ve come across Crypton Super Fabric in a number of recent readings, and I decided to check the site out to find out what this wonder product is all about. Besides having a name that would make the Man of Steel think twice about sitting on furniture, Crypton fabric touts its own impressive super powers, like resistance to stains, moisture, and bacteria. When I read of such features, I always wonder what the trade-off is, i.e., what ungodly chemicals are used in the manufacturing of this product. It appears not many, if any at all. No formaldehyde, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or carcinogens present here. Absent too are the presence of VOCs and PFOAs (perfluorooctanoic acids). Sounds truly like a wonder product. It’s also available in a number of options made to feel and look as the name would suggest: Suede, Woven, Twills, and Velvet being a few. Oh, and you can get it by the yard, in furniture form, and even in handbags and pillows. So, my question is: What’s the catch? Or is there one at all? The handbags seem a bit expensive (do women normally spend $200 on such accessories?), though the furniture appears to be market-reasonable ($1,500 for a sofa, $1,000 for an armchair). I’m curious to hear some first-hand reports…

Crypton Super Fabric