It’s Energy Savings, My Dear Wattson

Here’s a wonder product that could change the way we go about our energy usage. It’s called the Wattson, and it’s a product from DIY Kyoto, a London-based company with all the right intentions—to empower the individual to change behavior and lifestyle to have a positive impact on our environment. Integrating with the home’s electricity system, the Wattson displays the energy usage of every powered and plugged in device in the home. Turn an appliance on, and the digital display gives energy usage in Watts, and can also calculate the cost to run that appliance for a year. Activating any device or appliance in the home initiates a readout on the Wattson display—from light bulbs to refrigerators to televisions. Even standby usage and cost is calculated. Having a clear picture of cost and consequences is a great first step in making energy-saving changes around the home. And with the Wattson, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Here’s another cool feature—when you plug the Wattson into a computer, you can connect to an online community of folks to compare energy usage, savings, and to start determining how the collective effort can have a remarkable impact on large-scale reduction of consumption. Currently the Wattson is sold in the UK, where it retails for £350, or roughly $650. A worthy investment, as knowledge is power, and knowledge of power usage (or over-usage) can lead to yearly savings and a happier planet. We’re told a U.S. version is in the works…

Credit: Gizmodo

DIY Kyoto