Cable: It’s What’s For Dinner

On display at the 2006 Builder’s Show, Whirlpool’s concept TV Microwave (yes, you read that right) finds a place high on the “Why Didn’t They Think Of This Sooner?” list. Combining a fully functioning microwave with a flat-screen television, the TV Microwave is really an ultimate in space-saving design. Turn to the microwave channel and a tiny camera within the unit will display the food being cooked on the screen—like having the Food Channel live in your home! As a concept, the TV Microwave is not currently available, but we may see this technology on the market as early as next year. No word yet on cost either, but considering you’ll truly be getting a 2-in-1 appliance, I suspect homeowners would be willing to pay a bit more than they would for just an ordinary microwave—ESPECIALLY if the TV Microwave allows you to set those annoying reality show hosts to cook on High for 3 minutes…

Credit: Engadget