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Not Good ...

Posted by Jay J -Moderator on September 17th, 2001 09:06 AM
In reply to wallpaper removal by Dina on September 16th, 2001 12:21 AM [Go to top of thread]

Hi Dina,

ARe you sure you aren't trying to remove the paper (or layers of paper) that are used to 'sandwich' the drywall? Drywall is essentially a plaster sandwich. The 'bread' is the layers of paper on both sides of the stuff.

If you're using a Paper Tiger and are able to successfully perforate the wallpaper, then you should be good to go. There's a product out there called DIF. You can buy it at any Home Center or Wallpaper Retail Store. It's really cheap and works very well. The DIF is an enzyme that 'eats' at the glue to soften it.

The keys to using the DIF are as follows: 1) Buy yourself a THICK pair of rubber gloves and use BOILING hot water. (Always keep a pot of water on a LOW boil so it's ready to go when you need it.) 2) Perforate the paper like CRAZY! Don't press too hard or you'll create an AWFUL lot of tiny 'teeth marks' in the drywall! Press ONLY hard enough to perforate the paper. That's why you need to go 'round and 'round and 'round w/the Tiger. (Keep the 'teeth' free and clear of any residual paper. It can 'gum' up the teeth and start to be ineffective.) 3) Use one of those LARGE sponges you use to use to wash the car. (Buy a new one.) Soak the wall (per the directions) and let it sit the allotted time. DON'T try to rush the job! The DIF needs time to work. Then, after the allotted time, soak it again and wait the allotted time AGAIN (per the instructions.) Then, just as you're about to start removing the paper, go ahead and wet the wall again (which is NOT part of the directions but it works great in case the paper starts to dry up. Trust me - Just do it!) 4) The DIF is cheap enough. When it gets dirty it starts being ineffective. DON'T dump the used solution in down your drain. It's got glue in it. You can dump it in your street gutter and let the rain wash it away. It's 'clean' but you don't need that stuff in your sewer/septic system. Go and mix a new, CLEAN solution and go at it again.

Now, a few other tips. As one wall is soaking for the FIRST allotted time, just wait. Then, when you recoat the wall w/a 2nd coating, go and coat another wall with it's first coating. When you re-wet and IMMEDIATLELY start peeling the paper off of the 1st wall, re-coat the 2nd wall, and apply a 1st coat to a 3rd wall. KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR WATCH! This way, you're always moving and 4 walls can essentially be done in 1.5 yours. Following the directions is KEY. They're easy to follow. Be SURE to use good gloves and HOT water and a CLEAN solution. If there's any paper/glue left on the wall, wait until you're FINISHED the room and just kinda 'wash' it all off. Again, wait and peel. You can lay some plastic along the base of the wall with some newspaper on TOP of the plastic to help keep the 'mess' off of your floor. (You can buy it in the Paint Aisle in the Home Centers.) If you buy too much DIF, just return the unused portions. So buy MORE than you THINK you'll need. You'll want to buy a 3" Spackle Knife to help w/scraping. I've NEVER had to really scrape the walls. If you do, then you don't have enough perforations to let the DIF get 'through', or you didn't wait enough time, or you didn't do enough coatings, or you didn't use HOT water, or your solution is dirty.

You dont' want to leave anything on the wall when you're finished, including paper 'fibers', glue, or the like. If you want to TEST your results, then darken the room and hold a flashlight (or light) up flush up against the wall and look along the wall for 'imperfections'. Wash any glue residue you can feel or sand w/sandpaper to get the 'fuzzies' off. Once you've completely CLEANED the wall, THEN make any necessary repairs or cosmetic 'fixex' to it.

My best to ya and hope this helps

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God bless America!

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