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Go Soak Your Head ...

Posted by Jay J on April 3rd, 2000 09:24 AM
In reply to Sherwin-Williams wanted to screw me and not even buy me dinner first! by Paint guy on April 1st, 2000 08:49 AM [Go to top of thread]

I said: "He said that the paint you buy at WalMart vs. the paint at the Pratt & Lambert store ARE very, very different"

Idiot said:Isn't that like asking the fox to guard the hen house... show me somw scientific analysis of the paint make up and I'll accept that. The word of an
employee... I don't think so.

I talked to a manager you moron. No, I don't have his name and number any more. If you want to ctc them, the info is on the can. And if he's lying about being a manager, you're right; I can't prove it just like I can't prove you're the Paint guy or the Idiot Police. If you're so paranoid about people in general, you shouldn't be dealing with people, or even be on this Forum. Why?! Because you'll always have something critical to say. If you want scientific analysis, they have it, at least you seem to think so because you're asking for it. (Is that how you buy paint?! If not, why do you want it?!) The man was HONEST with me in saying that the paints are different. That' NOT like having the fox guard the chicken house. It's like cutting your own throat with a knife. Not a bad idea for you, eh?

I said: "He said if the paints were any where near the same, it wouldn't matter where you bought it. Touchette (sp)"

Idiot said: You believe everything you are told? Who do you think manufactures all those private label brands. Many, many name brand companys. For example, in my home town there is a food manufacturing plant Anderson-Clayton. They make salad dressing. They fill the name brand bottles with the EXACT same stuff they fill the no name bottles with. Believe what you will, but I wouldn't go on the word of someone you talked with over the phone.

I believe everything HE told me; not everything I'm told. Yes, for once we agree. Many of those 'private' labels are mfgred. by brand-name companies. SO what? I don't BUY the private brands even if they put their 'real' name on the can. It's that I don't believe anything I hear from YOU! Go back to work at the salad factory. That's where fruits and vegetable like you belong.

I said: "Along the same lines, I have friends and neighbors that painted the outsides of their homes, and they are having to paint them again after just 5 to 7 years. Where did they get their paint? Rickels (out of business), Heckingers and Builder's Square (both out of business), Home Cheapo (I hear nothing but complaints about their paint, and my 4 year old daughter is a stock holder), and so on."

Idiot said: My reference was ONLY to Wal Mart and Wal Mart brand paint. By the way, have you lookes at the last Consumer Report issue where they tested paint?

The point wasn't about 'who' made the paint. The point I was making was that brand-name mfgrs. make crappy paints under 'other labels'! AND, they're not afraid to admit it. So by citing Consumer Reports, do YOU believe everything you're told?! You're 2-faced! P&L told me that they make WalMart brand paints (at least about 2 years ago.) I don't know if they make them now. If they don't, you win!

I said: As you can see, I'm a little emotional because I hate when people don't want to pay a pro to do a job, yet, they want to SKIMP on material when they're saving a TON of $$$ on labor. They ought to be taking some of that hard-earned, saved $$$ and spending it on quality material. That's the ultimate in DIY work.

Idiot said: You think that those quality materials are only found at a place like Sherwin-Williams? You are wrong. You thing price means you are getting quality... not always, because the price can be so jacked up like in Sherwin-Williams. Good example. Minwax Polyurethane on the shelf at the local S-W store is $31.99 a gallon. Wal Mart right next door $19.94. Where do you think I bought the poly yesterday? S-W paint is jacked way up too and so are their other products. Better quality? I'm not convinced and I have S-W and Wal Mart on my house in and out. S-W is jacked up and way over rated. More money do not always mean better quality.

You don't know what I think. It's what YOU think I'm think. I happen to be capable of thinking unlike you who is currently insinuating. I cited 1 example and right away, you think (there I go again), I think. And as for the SAME product costing 2 drastically, different prices, they're the SAME, EXACT product, you Idiot! What we're talking about here is ONE company making 2 different products; a good paint and a not-so-good paint. Isn't that the same principle you used about the Salad Dressing company in your town?! (One company making their 'stuff' under many, DIFFERENT labels?! As the Idiot Police, police yourself. I know you can read but you don't UNDERSTAND anything, do you? Like I said before: If you're so paranoid about people, what you think they think, and only believe what you can prove for yourself, then I don't feel for you at all. You live a sheltered life. Your only friends are probably the ones on the Forum, and none of them will admit it! Maybe 'no e-mail andy dude' and 'tyvek dude' are your only friends. They sound just like you. SO just keep surrounding yourself with 'guys' that sound like you and maybe some day you'll have a Forum where everyone is just like you! Have a nice day.

Jay J

PS: I'm DYING for a reply! Oh am I dying for one!!!

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