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" Step into the light, and I'll show you how it's done,"

Posted by John 2000 on June 28th, 2000 02:34 PM
In reply to Why sulking? by Awana mom on June 27th, 2000 11:59 PM [Go to top of thread]

Hi Awana, too, ( its ok I'm playing with words,.
last time I wrote how to repair the sash windows
it was taken off the board,( after all the details
were painfully layed out,) hope they dont do it again, ha,
ok, now dow down to business...........
Important thing to remember: DONT FALL OUT OF THE WINDOW,
now, you have the bottom sash out, good, also the weights out
the two weights on the left you put on the floor on your left
away from your feet. do the same with the right sash weights
the bottom window ( bottom sash) put on the others side of the
the top sash is still in place ( painted shut) you will have to
try to take out the middle bead ( that is the little lath that keeps
the two windows apart) which you can see. try using a painters scraper
and/or a putty knife, to work free the top sash. but take care because
there is nothing holding the window up now, ( only the paint).
Ok, the window is now free, bring it down to the bottom and let it rest
on the sill.remove the beading ( lath) from one side ( left or right)
which ever is easy,now put the top sash away from you, so you have room to
look at the pullies there should be four, two on the top left, and two on the
top right. make sure they turn ok ( clean away the paint) ok good.
next,you will need a "mouse" this is the most important tool you will need,
you will need some flat lead, 1" X 2"1/2 and some string ( twine) and 4ft long.
tie a knot in the end of the string, then roll the lead around the end of the string
where the knot is so it looks like a pencil 2.1/2' with a long tail. ( now you have a mouse)
bend the mouse a little ( this is so it will go through the hole on top of the pully)
I hope you have bought some cotton cord 3/8" thick
now comes the fun part, tie the end of the mouse (tail end) to the cord, then thread the mouse
through the left pully that is near the street, push the mouse through and let it come down
inside the box where the weights live now you will see the mouse when you look into the pocket
keep pulling the cord through over the pully, down the inside and out of the pocket, Oop's tie a knot
in the end of the cord, ( so it wont through the pully) now go over to the other side and push the
mouse again through the pully near the street. and same again, bring the mouse down till you see it
in the pocket, then pull through as far as you can. now bring the mouse up and over the other pully
that is on the other side ( you only have two, and one is already done) same again, up over the pully
down inside the box where the weight live, then again on the other side...
You should now have a very large "X" made with the cord,( I hope)ha,
Tie a weight to the end of the cord.. pull that up in the box and pull it all the way till it stops at
the pully.. now on the out side, nail ( one nail) the cord to the FRAME about 2'6" down from
the pully. let the cord hang down, then cut the cord just above the opening of the door
( remember the weight must be up to the pully inside the box.
do the same on the other three, so then you have done that.. you should have 4 weights up inside the box
near the pullies ( two on the left, and two on the right)with four cords hanging down on the outside,
you now take the top sash ( putty side outside) and nail the cord into the grove that you can see, or
where the old cord used tobe,nail the two cords that are near the street.
Hold the window, then take out that nail that is holding the weight up to the pully
do the left and right. the window should now be just hanging on the new cords,
put the window in to the track and slide the window up. when you do this the weights will come down ( inside the box)
replace the two little doors left and right. refix the thin lath ( beading) back into its grove.
test the window to make sure it slides up and down ok, when youre happy with that thedo the same
with the bottom window ( putty side outside)....
ok your happy with both windows, they dont stick, anywhere and move up and down ok,
replace the beading that your husband removed back in to the same place, and thats how its done.
It should that you 45mins to do one,( it take me 20mins) so it can be done, it was longer for me to
write it all down than it was to do the job, ha,
have fun,,John 2000.
PS: Dont fall out of the window.
another PS: if the top window is smaller than the bottom. it will mean that the weights are not the same
( small window ..small weights) OK :o))

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