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... And I'm Outa Here !!!

Posted by Jay J on July 27th, 2000 01:55 PM

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RE: Opinions on Behr paint please

Posted by: Teresa ( on Mon, May 8, 00 at 14:37

We used Behr Latex paint on our bedroom walls and it does not cover other paints at all well. We had to put two full coats on the walls and still do
touch up in some places. So for the closets, we used a Kilz primer first, hoping to get away with one coat of paint, but no luck.

I'll be using Benjamin Moore paint on the rest of the house. All of my friends rave about how well it covers.


RE: Opinions on Behr paint please

Posted by: Stella ( on Thu, May 11, 00 at 21:42

I think the Behr paint is pretty good quality for the price, but I too had coverage problems. Also, it seems like Behr takes an amazingly long time to dry.
I don't think I would use it again on the exterior.
I've also heard good things about Ace paint, and Benjamin Moore paint is the best I've ever used.

RE: Opinions on Behr paint please

Posted by: maggie ( on Mon, Jul 10, 00 at 22:54

PITTSBURG PAINT is the best I have used but it's hard to find . I used the "white rock" color in my bathroom 10 years ago under the most uneven
deplorable wall finish conditions and it's still looks great ! The color also has a great depth to it's pigment .

RE: Opinions on Behr paint please

Posted by: barbara ( on Tue, Jul 11, 00 at 9:21

I think behrs flat paint is fine, but their shiney (semi-gloss, and satin) are among the worse i've used. It streaks. It doesn't cover, It splatters.
Also since Behr is a Home Depot, forget about using any special color matches. The people there, in general, just aren't experienced enought to make
I have a strong preference for either Ben MOore or Pittsburgh Paints.

RE: Opinions on Behr paint please

Posted by: Brianna ( on Tue, Jul 11, 00 at 10:07

I used Behr satin white in my kitchen and color-washed over it with a light blue - it looked ok. Took two coats of satin white to cover the old paint. At
Home Depot, they match by punching a code into the computer so the match should come out OK. One of the guys there told me that if you need to
use a Behr swatch (not Glidden, etc.) on Behr paint for an exact match - otherwise it may be slightly off. Also, I chose the one-coat white to use as a
base for the blue (to be mixed in) and he said that we need to use the regular white instead of the one-coat, as I would not get an exact match of the
blue with the one-coat. Apparently the one-coat has an extra dye or something in it that would make the color slightly off. All in all, I am satisfied with
Behr although I have to admit I don't paint that much so I don't have much experience with other brands. I know two professional painters who both
swear by Sherwin Williams.

RE: Martha Stewart paint

Posted by: Suzanne ( on Thu, Jul 27, 00 at 0:01

I've used it; bought it at K Mart. No complaints but in my view, nothing compares to Benjamin Moore Regal Wall Satin paints. Great coverage, great
touch-ups. Martha's colors can be matched, I suppose, so I'd go Moore.

RE: Martha Stewart Paint

Posted by: Nancy-Ky ( on Thu, Jul 20, 00 at 6:49

I love MS colors and combinations, but the paint is ok. Benjamin Moore is now my choice. If you find the colors that you like, it can be color matched
to a different brand.

RE: types of interior paint

Posted by: Kathy ( on Tue, Jul 18, 00 at 8:22

Eggshell is easier to wash than flat paint. It has a slight sheen and is less porous than flat.

I have been doing the painting in our various houses for 25 years. I think I tried Sears paint a long time ago and didn't like it. Price is something of an
indicator of quality, I think, and generally the more expensive paints are much easier to use---they go on more smoothly, drip less, cover better, and
perform better when dry. After a few annoying experiences with cheap paint, I quit trying to save money there and just bought the good stuff.

Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by Sue ( on Mon, Jun 12, 00 at 17:40

We are planning on painting our house this summer and want a good paint that will last throughout the MN weather! Sherwin Williams is having a big
30% off sale on all their paint. Any comments on their exterior paint? Also, we have to seal our deck too and we're wondering if they have a good
sealer to use for that.

Thanks for any input - good or bad! :)

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: Kathleen Grint ( on Mon, Jun 12, 00 at 20:38

I have no idea about the deck but my friend is painting her house with S-W and loves it. She said it goes on great-good coverage. Don't use Ward's!
Weatherbeater got beat up fast at our house. We already have to repaint.

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: rob ( on Mon, Jun 12, 00 at 21:04

Whatever paint you get get 100% acrylic paint

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: skipperoscar ( on Mon, Jun 12, 00 at 22:39

for there exteror paint a-100 works well and they have 2 upgrades from that superpaint and duration, as far as decks i would use stain made for decks

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: Merlin ( on Thu, Jun 15, 00 at 12:47

We had used Sears "Best" for years (20-25) and always considered it the best until we bought another home last year.
A fellow worker suggested Sherwin Williams for all the interior.
Not only is the paint superior to anything we ever used but the customer service from the people that operated the store was great. If their exterior is
anything like their interior paint, you will not be disappointed.

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: Tina ( on Thu, Jun 15, 00 at 18:37

I have a question about paint, too. We had been using Pratt and Lambert High Hiding White (excellent for metal railings which required repainting and
used only one coat)but were unable to find it here. We went to Home Depot and found they have a wonderful semi gloss paint for less than half of what
we paid for P&L! It may not be as "fine" but it seemed to do the job on our garage door. Any other comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: Nestor ( on Thu, Jun 15, 00 at 23:37

I own a small apartment block and probably do more painting than anyone. I've found Pratt & Lambert to be an excellent line of paints, but you have to
have a knowledgeable salesman with P&L because they have several different bases for different amounts of hide in the same gloss level, so if you get
the wrong base (because the salesman didn't really know the difference) you can end up with a poor hide or end up paying too much for hide you don't

I've been meaning to try Sherwin Williams SuperPaint and Sherwin Williams EverClean on the next apartment I paint.

Up until now, I've been using Pratt & Lambert Accolade Satin in the F4790 base (higher hide than 4791) for the walls in my apartments and the
Accolade Velvet in the F4090 base for the ceilings. I like Pratt & Lambert mostly because it doesn't spatter off the roller hardly at all, and when
painting a ceiling, this can be a blessing. Their high hide 4790 Satin is the highest gloss paint I tried that would hide a different colour completely in one
coat. So far, I've been happy with P&L and haven't wanted to "go shopping", but I would like to try Sherwin Williams SuperPaint as I have heard it's
good paint.

The bottom line is that Sherwin Williams is the largest manufacturer of paint in North America and probably the world. They make paint for every
budget, so to say "Sherwin Williams is good paint" is as erroneous as saying "salt is unhealthy". The same goes for Benjamin Moore. Choosing the best
paint for each project is more than just going by the name. The best thing to do is to go to the Sherwin Williams dealer and tell him what you have now
and what you want to do with it. He will use his knowledge and experiene to pick the base that he feels will do the best job based on your
requirements. THAT is always going to be a better choice than chosing paint according to either price or Name Brand recognition.

For example:
One of the reasons why Pratt & Lambert Accolade Satin Base F4790 is $10 (Cdn) per gallon more than Pratt & Lambert Accolade Satin Base
F4791 is the fact that the 4790 has a lot more titanium oxide in it. Titanium oxide is a powder as white as Winnipeg snow and it's used to provide high
hide in a paint. Titanium oxide is also as expensive as Manhattan real estate. 4791 would be a better choice if you want to paint a room THE SAME
COLOR, but 4790 would be a better choice if you want to change the colour. Other manufacturers use white clays to increase the hide in their paints
without increasing the cost. The problem is that these clays aren't pure white like titanium oxide and add a tint to the colour of the paint. When they
banned lead in paint, the "Earth Tones" that were fashionable until they started using titanium oxide are what high clay content paints look like. Such
paints are perfectly fine if you don't care if there's a slight beige or grey tinge in the colours. However, if you want really CLEAN colours, you need to
pay more and buy a paint which uses titanium oxide for hide and not clay.

Sherwin Williams own Pratt&Lambert, but operates it as a completely separate enterprise. Sherwin Williams also makes the Ralph Lauren line of
paints, and I have no doubt that Ralph's paints all use titanium oxide to provide hide in their light colours knowing what a stickler for colour Ralph is.
However, if the truth be known, most people spend more time looking at the paint on their walls during the 48 hours immediately after painting than
they do during the next 10 years, so do you need a real clean colour?

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: barbara ( on Fri, Jun 16, 00 at 18:16

I really dislike Sherwin williams paints and paint stores. Why? For one thing I've been in 5 different store locations (I've moved) and found that Sherwin
Williams usuallly hires people with no painting experience. You end up with college kids giving you their "expert" advice. The manager is someone with
lots of retail experience, but little painting experience.
The second reason is that I've had bad experience with
their paints- they don't hide a color well, they splatter, the colors aren't "true" meaning there's lots of variation between gallons of paint. Sherwin william
puts ALOT of money into advertizing- I'd rather see it spent on a better product.
If you live near a library , you may want to check out cosumer reports. I believe they recently tested exterior paints for Northern climates.
I've had good luck with both Benjamin Moore and Coronado Paints. Good Luck!

RE: Thoughts about Sherwin Williams paint?

Posted by: Debby ( on Sat, Jun 17, 00 at 21:54

We like Benjamin Moore the best. Good luck.

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