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    There are a lot of situations in our life where we sought the help of plumbers. Leaking pipes are one of the main reason to call a plumber. I had many situations where I had to seek help from a professional plumber service in North York . I asked him about the reasons for leaking pipes. He pointed me some reasons for a leaking pipe. If I share the reasons, many of you can avoid this issue. There are several reasons for a pipe to start leaking. They are as follows:
    1) Shifts in our home’s foundation
    2) High water pressure
    3) Tree roots
    4) Corrosion
    5) Temperature exchanges
    6) Broken seals
    7) Clogged Lines
    8) Damaged pipe joints
    Before calling a plumber, we must know the reasons for leakage. It is better to call professional plumbers, rather than calling a local plumber. If this problem is not treated properly, it can cause serious issues with pipes.

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