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    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Limited Range

    I have two identical garage door openers. One of them (and it happens to be on the wife’s side) has a very limited range. I have tried repositioning the antenna and changed the batteries in the remotes. The other one works fine. I see in the owner’s handbook that an antenna extender kit is available. Since the antenna is nothing more than a piece of wire hanging from the unit, would splicing an extra piece onto the end help. If not, what can I try? It works the same from both remotes and the external keypad mounted to the outside, so I know that it is not her remote that’s bad.

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    You might try reprograming both doors to use the Other remote. If the problem goes with the remote than it is off frequency and should be replaced.

    The opener head (receiver) could also be off frenquency a little (or other board problmes) or it might be something in the location that is that block the signal.

    I am not sure what is in the externder kit, but I suspect more than just a “wire”. Might be a cable to MOVE the antenna or a high gain (directional) antenna.

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